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Welcome to Matthees Tree Service

Your Partner in Forestry Land Management



Thinning of Wooded Areas: Sometimes, your forest needs a delicate touch. Our expert team can assess and execute strategic thinning, ensuring your wooded areas flourish by removing excess growth, allowing for optimal sunlight penetration, and enhancing overall forest health.

Clearing of Woods & Forest Areas: Whether you’re planning a new project or simply need to create a more open and accessible space, our forest clearing services are tailored to your specifications. We understand the importance of balancing the natural ecosystem while meeting your land management goals.

Timber Harvesting & Old Growth Elimination: Sustainable timber harvesting and the removal of old growth are essential components of responsible forest management. We ensure that your timber resources are harvested ethically, contributing to the longevity of your forest.

Underbrush Cleanup: Enhance the aesthetic appeal and reduce fire risk by cleaning up underbrush. Our team is equipped to handle the meticulous cleanup required for a healthier and safer wooded environment.


Invasive Species Removal: Forestry mulching is not just about clearing – it’s about reclaiming your land. We specialize in removing invasive species like Buckthorn, giving your property the opportunity to thrive by eliminating competition for resources.

Trail Creation: Enjoy your forest to the fullest with our trail creation services. Whether for recreational purposes or access to different parts of your land, our trails are designed to blend seamlessly with the natural landscape.

Food Plot Clearing: Enhance wildlife habitat and create ideal locations for hunting or nature observation by clearing areas for food plots. Our services contribute to both the ecological balance and your land use goals.


Are you seeking professional advice on how to manage the wooded areas on your property? Matthees Tree Service is your go-to partner.

Thinning of Trees: Our team can help you strike the right balance by thinning out trees where necessary, ensuring the longevity and vibrancy of your forest.

Expert Consultation: Have questions about forest management? Unsure about the best approach for your land? Give us a call, and our knowledgeable team will provide the guidance you need.

At Matthees Tree Service, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices in forest and land management. Let us be your trusted partner in nurturing the beauty and functionality of your private land. Contact us today for a consultation tailored to your unique needs.

Tree Removal

There are many reasons to remove a tree: the tree is dead or unhealthy, it was damaged in a storm and cannot be repaired, root issues, overgrowth, tree is leaning in a dangerous direction, landscape renovations might damage the tree if it is not removed, and many more reasons. If you don’t know whether a tree needs to be removed, our experts can help!

Stump Removal

Level out your lawn with our Stump Removal Services. Have us remove your tree stumps to avoid possible decay, fungi, or uninvited pests on your landscape. At Matthees Tree Care, we determine the size of the stump to find the fastest stump removal process for our customers.

Snow Removal

Snow can really get in the way, too much snow can cause injuries when people slip and cause your car to skid down the driveway. We can take care of that and remove the snow for you.

Are you a private landowner looking to enhance the health and vitality of your forested property?

Matthees Tree Service is here to offer comprehensive forest and logging management solutions tailored to your needs. In the past couple of years, our business has evolved to focus on forestry management, logging, and forestry mulching, moving away from residential tree removal. We understand that forest care goes beyond mere removal, and our services are designed to promote sustainable practices for the benefit of your land.

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